When you’re building a site, make sure you check out  your site in multiple web browsers other than the one you use regularly.

The ones you want to pay attention to (other than Internet Explorer and Firefox) are Chrome, Safari, and Opera.

If you’re on a Mac, unless you have a virtualized Windows installation, then IE is easily not available. So a great way to QA your site is with Adobe’s Browser Labs web app that will let you see how different web browsers render your site. They also have multiple versions of IE available. Sometimes the different versions of Internet Explorer renders pages very different from each other.  Adobe Browser Labs is free and easy to use.

Remember that your site’s not going to always look perfect in all the browsers so if you’re 95% “good to go” with most of the browsers especially if it’s IE and Firefox, then launch your site and make post launch fixes.

Get it: Adobe’s Browser Labs


One Response to Quick Tip: Cross Browser Test for free with Adobe Browser Labs

  1. bob says:

    I found that Adobe labs site is also a good way to show a client their site is working if they’re having connectivity problems with their internet connection and can’t connect to the site.

    I had a client traveling in Europe and couldn’t access his site. I just sent him a screenshot of Adobe Browser Labs with the time/date in the corner to show most people should be able to access his site.

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