Customizable display of pages, posts, links widget with “Advanced Menu Widget”

If you’re using the standard WordPress widget to show pages or posts on a sidebar widget area, you’ll notice there isn’t any flexibility built into it. By default, there is no  way to manually sort the order of the pages or posts or mix them up using the built in Widget.

Advanced menu widget smaller jpgThis is where Advanced Menu Widget kicks in to make your life easier. It gives you the ability to show any navigation menu that you’ve already set up to appear in a widget area. Because it uses the WP menu function, you’re then able to re-label, re-sort, add custom links, and do anything else WP menu allows you to do.

Get it: Advanced Menu Widget

Creating tabbed content

If you need to have a ton of content to be presented on single page it can be challenging so the reader doesn’t become overwhelmed. Dividing your content into a tabbed module is one possible solution It’s especially helpful if one section of content is going to be really long (tall) and the user may want to jump ahead to a different section. One way to do that would be by putting the content into tabs on a single page.

Some possible use cases are for product reviews which could be broken up into: intro, review, and conclusion. Here’s a quick example – click on tabs!

The product was designed by ACME in 2010. Steve Ive and Johnny Jobs collaborated on this brilliant design.
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It’s a great product! Buy it today

So how do you do this with WordPress? We ran across this plugin called “WordPress Tabs Slides” and it works brilliantly. It’s Ajax driven so it’s almost instantaneous and the user doesn’t feel like they’re being taken onto another page. You use very simple shortcode to mark sections in your content within your post or page and you’re done.

Congrats and thanks to Abdul Ibad for coding a great plugin for the WordPress community.

Plugin of the Week: Exclude Pages

One of my favorite things about WordPress 3 is the new navigation bar menu system. In the pre version 3 days, creating a navigation bar was kind of a pain in the butt. Now with WP 3’s menu system you can easily build a navigation in compatible themes.

But what if you’re using a theme that’s not WP menu friendly and you want to hide or remove certain pages from appearing on the navigation bar? That’s where “Exclude Pages” comes into play. It’s a really easy to use WordPress plugin, that puts a module called “Exclude Pages” right in your page admin below the page ordering where you can specify if that page should not appear on the list of pages. It’s a quick and painless way to hide pages from appearing on the navigation bar. Get it: “Exclude Pages