Quick Review: Modularity Theme

A few weeks ago we looked at two Graph Paper Press themes aimed at photographers and artists. We like GPP (Graph Paper Press) themes because their grid based layouts and great use of negative space. After all do you really need to fill up every single space of a web page?

So when we were recently contacted by a photographer friend and asked to redo her Flash based website, we didn’t hesitate to create a demo site for her with Graph Paper Press’ Modularity theme.

Here’s a quick overview of the Modularity theme home page (click image for larger size):

The theme follows the usual WordPress layout with a header area which includes: logo, navigation bar. Below that is a main image area with slideshow functionality, blog posts, and a sidebar. Two slight twists are the inclusion of two sliders: one is a thumbnail post slider and a larger feature article slider positioned below the main slideshow.

Unfortunately during our testing we were informed by GPP tech support that it’s not very easy to resize these thumbnails in that slider so you can’t easily set a fixed amount of thumbnail posts to perfectly fit the width of the page. We also thought having a secondary featured post slider was somewhat distracting so we disabled it. You can see the secondary featured post slider in action on GPP’s demo site here…

Graphpaperpress modularity panel slideshow

As you can see in the panel options, you can specify up to 4 images and timing for the main home page slideshow. Using the other theme panel tabs you can easily customize other site setting’s like the site logo, page background image, or font colors.

Graphpaperpress modularity panel

You can also define up to 5 columns of content right above the footer by specifying them in the theme control panel. What may throw you off is that this section is called “Category Columns” in theme panel which doesn’t really describe that it’s closer to the footer area. Eventually you’d figure it out though.

The major drawback with Mouldarity is that it’s very strong on the home page presentation but unless you install a plugin like NextGen gallery, there’s no built-in gallery function for the inner pages. Without using a gallery plugin, the inner pages would consist of simple thumbnails sorted in a blog-like fashion. See an inner page example from the GPP site….

However overall ease of use trumps our misgivings. Modularity is one of those rare themes that an intermediate skill level WordPress user could figure out without reading any documentation. It’s not a perfect theme but it works well out of the box and would be great for any image oriented WordPress site but not necessarily a portfolio site without having to resort to a gallery plugin.

Get it: Modularity

PadPressed Update

A few months ago, we bought the App Sumo Bundle which included the PadPressed theme. At the time, the plugin/theme combo seemed hard to install and the support channel wasn’t quite there.

We just came back to try it out with a new 1.5.1 release (free for existing customers) and we’re happy to report the documentation has gotten much better and there’s a now a support forum. The developers have put some thought into the features including the ability to pull your site logo as the “home” screen icon when you bookmark the site on an iPad.

The only thing we’re not happy about is that the CoverPad theme doesn’t work well in landscape mode when viewing on the iPad, by that we mean the inner page thumbnails disappear when the iPad is rotated into landscape mode. But otherwise it maybe worth $50 to get your portfolio up quickly on an iPad. Try out our test site on your iPad.

Get it: PadPressed theme

Theme of the Week: Work-a-holic

This week’s WP theme spotlight is “Work-a-holic Pro” by GraphpaperPress. It’s aimed towards designers and photographers who want to show off their work. What do I like about it? I like that it’s clean, it has a negative space, and chunky sized thumbnails of your work show up quickly on the home page.

The theme is laid out with a top area that tells the visitor, “Who am I” and “What I do” and the bottom area shows “What I’ve done.”

I am using the free version of “Work-a-holic” on my site called “SGVPhotos.com“.