The hardware behind revealed

After the widely covered DDoS attack on hosted blogs and Automattic’s efforts to thwart it; Matt Mullenweg in email to customers (and blog post), reveals the computing power behind’s infrastructure, “for we’re now at 8,921 CPU cores across 2,475 physical processors, 8,200 gigabytes of memory (RAM).”

He continues, “We’ve changed how we’ve done storage, but now that layer includes on its own 1.3 terabytes of RAM, 1.3 petabytes of storage, and 8.9 terabytes of solid state disks. (Plus Amazon S3, which we use as backup to our internal systems.) Also, we’re adding new servers constantly. :)”

WP theme as malware?

Just when you thought it was safe to download randomly found WordPress themes, we run across a report at OttoPress of a dodgy site called “” that’s offering themes that could turn your WP site into a remote-controlled automated link spamming tool. This might be a good argument to only use trusted theme providers like or Wufoo.

Speaking of security, be sure to update your WP to v3.0.3,  (and yep it came out pretty quickly right after v3.0.2).