Getting Started With WordPress

This page will explain “How To Get Started” with WordPress laid out in a fashion similar to a FAQ.
Note: This page is a work in progress.

What is WordPress?
WordPress is a really easy to use blog publishing system that is now often used as a general purpose website content management system.

How (or What) can I use WordPress (for)?
To publish your blog, magazine, or a small business information website. WordPress is extremely flexible and can be used for almost anything.

How Easy Is WordPress to Use?
On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being most difficult), I’d say it’s a 5 or 6.

How do I Get it ?
Simple, go to for a free blog or trial site.
Or if you own a small business or want to start own blog with “”, register the domain with GoDaddy and signup for a web hosting account at DreamHost or MediaTemple. Learn more about webhosting….

More WP Tutorials
Visit for video tutorials

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