Quick Tip: Link up up a post to page

Here’s a quick tip for the day you want to point one of your WordPress blog posts link up to a static page. There’s a plugin for that and it’s aptly called “Page Links To” by Mark Jaquith. We’ve been using it for over a year now and it works like a charm. We think it’s one of those over-looked WordPress plugin gems that people forget about it but it’s become an indispensible tool in our arsenal.

Page links to

If you haven’t had the need to do this yet, you might ask why would anyone want to do that?

Here’s example one, if you had a contest page (like our MarsEdit tweet contest page) and wanted to maintain an easy to remember permalink URL as a static page. That way you could have an entry (headline) show up in your blog (or news) section but the target link would be a static page URL (www.yoursite.com/contest/) versus a blog URL which would be a longer URL.

Another use for it would be if your WordPress theme had a photo gallery slider on the home page that was setup only to link to blog postings and not static pages. You could use this plugin to link up the blog postings to pages versus hacking the theme.

Get it: Page Links To