P2 Reloaded theme: v2.5

We’re happy to announce another  update to the P2 / GTD  theme that we’ve adopted as our own. In version 2.5, we’ve streamlined the notification process by letting you type in “@user” in the post field and upon clicking on “post”, the system will send an email notification to the registered user’s email address.

[sws_overlay src=”http://wpverse.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/gtd-reloaded-2.5.jpg” title=”P2 Reloaded theme” subtitle=”P2 Reloaded theme” description=”” thumb_width=”320″ thumb_height=”197″ icon=”red” Align=”sws_overlay_left”] [/sws_overlay]

We also fixed a bug from the original Templatic theme that didn’t show the site/blog name as the sender’s email address. We also made it so when you first activate the theme, the calendar, tag cloud, recent comments widgets are automatically activated. The theme carries over the GPL from the original P2 theme by Automattic. Update: Visit our P2 Reloaded.com site for on-going development.

[CSSBUTTON target=”http://wpverse.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/p2-reloaded-2.51.zip” color=”ff0000″]Download P2 Reloaded[/CSSBUTTON]

Enhanced GTD theme with new thread notifications


Looking for a simple and easy to install project management tool? We first wrote about GTD and P2 a few weeks ago. We are so enthusiastic about it that a version of that is becoming the first theme released on WPVerse.

What’s new? We’ve added the ability to send notifications of brand new topics to users.The templatic version of theme had notifications built in but only after someone replied to the original topic.

Our version lets you click which registered users to send a notification right above the post button. We’re planning on adding categories and a set of default widgets. Let us know if you have any other feature requests.

Special thanks to Valery K and Jam Studios for their work on this theme. Because the theme was originally released as GPL, you’re of course welcome to modify and distribute this theme as much as you want.

Download it: WPVerse modified GTD

Use WordPress to track projects and communicate better

Originally published at our sister site: StartupInsider.net

We’re big fans of Basecamp (a relatively minimalist project management web app) around here but it can get pricey if you start adding a lot of projects. We also use Twitter a lot around here.

That’s why when we ran across Automattic’s P2 theme we were thrilled. It’s a WordPress theme that includes extra functionality to combine the fast communication of Twitter and threaded messaging of Basecamp. There’s a main column where you can post your latest activity or start a message thread. Below that update area are previous conversations in a threaded view.

We were even more thrilled when we found Templatmatic’s GTD theme which adds more features like tagging posts and ability to add file attachments. This theme also adds an option to hide all the messages if a user is not logged in so it’s not exposed to the public.

These two themes aren’t going to replace Basecamp or compete with in terms of features but if you’re tired of having to search your emails for status reports and “what’s next”, then give either system a try. The only thing missing is that you can’t title your posts right now but you can filter by parent posts. You’ll need a self hosted WordPress blog site so unfortunately this won’t work if you have a WordPress.com hosted blog.

If you want to get some more mileage from your new “intranet”, I recommend adding these sidebar widgets to either theme to make them go further: first add the Login with Ajax plugin – so you can quickly login from the sidebar. The Tag Cloud widget is also great so users can filter messages by tags.

Also consider adding the default calendar widget to see a quick visual calendar. And finally you can add important URLs (example: logins to other systems) via the text widget or blogroll to the sidebar.

Get it: Templatmatic’s GTD theme | Original P2theme

Update: We’ve released our own special remix of GTD/P2 called P2 Reloaded