New version of P2 Reloaded theme

We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback about our P2 Reloaded theme on Thanks for all the support including feature and bug fix requests. We’re happy to announce a beta version of 2.7.

  • Updated postform.php to prevent crashing when notifications in theme panel is turned off
  • Hide “Notify” checkboxes on home page
  • Added post box tip about using “@user” – disappears via AJAX
  • Hide Tags field on home page
  • User selectable color schemes
  • 404 missing page error

Download here…

Enhanced GTD theme with new thread notifications


Looking for a simple and easy to install project management tool? We first wrote about GTD and P2 a few weeks ago. We are so enthusiastic about it that a version of that is becoming the first theme released on WPVerse.

What’s new? We’ve added the ability to send notifications of brand new topics to users.The templatic version of theme had notifications built in but only after someone replied to the original topic.

Our version lets you click which registered users to send a notification right above the post button. We’re planning on adding categories and a set of default widgets. Let us know if you have any other feature requests.

Special thanks to Valery K and Jam Studios for their work on this theme. Because the theme was originally released as GPL, you’re of course welcome to modify and distribute this theme as much as you want.

Download it: WPVerse modified GTD

Setup a project discussion site in minutes

There are a lot of choices out there when you want to use a web application instead of emails to discuss a project. Our favorite full feature app is Basecamp but it maybe too complicated for some users and it’s limited to one project for free accounts.

A more simpler solution might be to use a new web app called Brizzly which was designed to be simple and easy to set up.

It shows the whole discussion on a single web page. If you hate tracking down the latest message thread in your email box, something like Brizzly could work well for you. I took a quick look at it over at my other site Read the mini review…