Sociable Pro Plugin customer service: FAIL

One of the first social sharing plugin tools for WordPress was Sociable. It’s a plugin that adds a bunch of little icons at the bottom of your posts so your readers can share it with their friends on various social networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Delicious .When WordPress 3.0 was released, developer “tompokress” took it over. He/she currently offers a “Pro” upgrade package sold through

I recently made the mistake of upgrading to Sociable Pro version for $10ish which includes a quarterly support subscription through After I had problems getting it to work on Genesis child themes and Caroline theme, I attempted to contact the developer through but I then saw he hadn’t answered anyone’s questions for a month.

So I asked to help facilitate communication with the developer, their answer was “it’s not our job, you should try to contact the developer yourself.” I find it kind of funny it was their job to take my money and setup a quarterly subscription but they think it’s not their job to make sure their developers are responsive to paying customers in a timely manner?

At this point it’s not the $10 but the attitude that irks me of any company and/or customer service support representative that tries to pass the buck.

I admit I hate it when I get bad customer service from a company “associated” with the WordPress platform. I have gotten great support from Graph Paper Press, Elegant Themes, various ThemeForest authors, StudioPress and more, so it steams me when companies don’t follow through on their commitments. ¬†End of rant.