Easy ways to update your WordPress site

Sometimes I don’t feel like updating my blog (like this site) with new content because I have to login to my WordPress dashboard and click a bunch of stuff. There are a bunch of ways to avoid having to do that including WordPress’ new iPad app, 3rd party services like Posterous, or a web browser plugin.

One of my favorite ways to do that is using a web browser plugin called “ScribeFire.” It’s a plugin for Firefox, Chrome, and Safari that adds a button the bottom of your browser. Simply click on it to bring up the writing screen, start typing, and click on “Publish”.  Of course you’ll have to first set it up by entering your WordPress URL and credentials before hand. But once that’s done, you’ll have almost instant access to adding content to your WordPress blog when you see an interesting article on the web! There’s a full formatting tool bar with bold, italics, and inserting links. It even has a draft save mode so you can come back later and finish off that long post you’ve been putting off!

Get it: ScribeFire