Why I adore WordPress

With tons of Content Management Systems (CMS) and blogging platforms, you’d be hard pressed to get a better deal or bang for the buck than using WordPress. I heart WordPress because…

1.) WP is free! The only catch is that if you want to host your own custom domain, you’d have to pay for web hosting. WordPress is open source, so you can install it many times over. But if you want to just use it for your own blog, grab a free WordPress site to try out at WordPress.com!

2.) WP is extensible! While WordPress has grown into a mature product it still lacks some basic functionality. Luckily the developers thought of this and added a flexible plugin system to do almost anything you can imagine! You can even get plugins for Firefox to allow copy/paste while you’re browsing other webites and post them into your WP site almost auto-magically.

3.) WP is easy to use! I’ve built over a dozen WordPress sites for clients and most of them are blown away when they see how easy it is to add or edit content. The fact that the presentation (theme/look & feel) are separate from the content makes a world of difference for my clients who want to edit their own site and not accidentally damage anything in the process.

WordPress is not a 100% perfect product but it’s getting there every major release!

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