Speeding up your WordPress site with MaxCDN (Advanced users)

In the past I’ve written about WPCDN.com and how WPVerse uses their service. I recently needed to make some changes to my account and since I was never aware of a self service control panel, I wrote to WPCDN but didn’t hear back from them so I decided it was expand my horizons. I met the MaxCDN team at WordCampLA last year so was curious to see what their system could do.

This article is meant as a quick overview for advanced users, so I’ll post more details later but here are my impressions so far of MaxCDN. If you’re familiar with setting up CDN before, you’ll be able to be on their system in less than an hour. There was a delay getting my account “welcome” email but once I was in their self service control panel, I was able to create a new pull zone in less than 15 minutes.

I think the UI could use a little bit more hand holding or help messages. For example there’s a field called “Custom CDN Domain” that is optional if you haven’t setup your own CDN sub-domain in your DNS but it’s not explained you can fill it out later. They do provide a “temporary sub-domain” for after you submit the form. I filled in the custom CDN domain name in my domain registrar’s (GoDaddy) but for whatever reason the images didn’t seem to be showing up at the URL but their “temporary” sub-domain worked fine.

I also had to switch to W3C Total Cache because the CDN feature in WP Super Cache seems to be tied into the page caching features being enabled and this particular project had a lot of Ajax related features on the home page that I didn’t want to try page caching with yet. All in all, so far I am happy with MaxCDN.

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  1. I’ve been using MaxCDN as well. For those who do not page caching features of WP Super Cache or W3 Total Cache, but would need CDN, then “CDN Linker lite” plugin is highly recommended.

      1. I’ve just noticed that it seems to be really hard to get MaxCDN to update their cache. I’ve tried purging the cache several times but it seems to still be displaying old content.

        1. Sorry about the late reply, Noel. And thanks for the feedback about my site. 🙂

          I hope you meant to purge the cache. If that is what you wanted to achieve, then you may log into the MaxCDN and please select the pull zone, and then select “cache tab” (third tab). You may purge individual files or purge all cache from edge servers. Hope this helps. Thanks.

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