Setting up Apple Pay on WooCommerce sites

If you have a WooCommerce site, one way to get more sales is to offer Apple Pay by letting Apple users a quick and easy way to pay for their purchase.

One of the best and easiest merchant account providers to setup with WooCommerce is Stripe.

If you’re already on Stripe and are running the most up to date Stripe plugin (currently By default, any site with Stripe and the correct API key gets registered automatically into Stripe’s Dashboard page for Domain Management but I found the Staging site had not been added automatically so I added that manually.

I tried using both CommerceGuru’s Shoptimizer and also the “official WooCommerce Storefront  Theme initially and that didn’t work initially.

I finally chatted with Stripe support chat and they asked me to de-activate and then re-activate Apple Pay support in their WP plugin settings. That finally did the trick and magically the Apple Pay button appeared!

Now the Apple Pay buttons appeared on both WooCommerce Storefront and Shoptimizer themes.

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