Sharedaddy adds Linkedin

If you haven’t updated your Sharedaddy WordPress plugin recently, it might a good time to do so because they’ve just added Linkedin as another sharing service. It’s quite useful if you’re running a business or professional related blog or site. Note that as far as we can tell, the Jetpack version of Shareaddy hasn’t been updated with the Linkedin share button yet. Once you’ve gotten the latest copy of Sharedaddy, add Linkedin by going to Settings -> Sharing and drag down the Linkedin sharing button down to “Enabled Services.”

Sharedaddy linkedin

And make sure to click on “Save Changes,”

If you haven’t chosen a social sharing plugin, give Sharedaddy a try.

Get it: Sharedaddy plugin


5 Replies to “Sharedaddy adds Linkedin”

    1. hey Justin, I’d recommend uninstalling Jetpack because I just looked and it looks like once you “configure” the Jetpack version of Sharedaddy there’s no way to turn that module off only.

      I think most of the plugins that come with Jetpack can be installed as stand-alone versions so for me it’s not a huge deal for me at least. Is there a plugin in Jetpack that you couldn’t find by itself?

        1. Good catch Kabweza, I’ve noticed that After the Deadline standalone plugin development seems to have stopped as well. I hope an independent developer picks it up to maintain. I am not a fan of the Jetpack all-in-one “shotgun” approach.

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